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Which store bought tests are best?

Im dying to test again and my horocsope said something about good news on new years eve so i wanna test tomorrow (i know its sad to believe horoscopes). If my ebay ones dont turn up tomorrow just wondering which store bought ones people would recommend? It will be CD 31 tomorrow


  • boots own 2 pack of tests are on offer at the mo hun
    good luck for when u test
    sam xx
  • i got some from the pound shop today!!! ??1 for 3 and they are CE standard, a girl on here recommended them and they are a bargain!!!

    I am testing tomorrow too!!

    fingers crossed for bfp's for us both image think i am gonna do one once a week unless af shows up!!! xxx
  • sorry to say the pound land tests did`nt work for me and i tested day af was due onwards i got my bfp on boots own
    good luck what ever u use
    my mate used a first response yesterday got bfn then she used boots own and got 2 bfp`s
  • i have used boots own aswell but i thought that seeing as i have no idea of when af is due i may aswell use cheapys for now!!
  • Still think ebay sticks are the best value and just as accurate but of course you need to buy in advance (no prob for me- I bought 10)
  • i've bought tescos own and they seem fine, and ebay ones aregreat value and work great! also used superdrug own, clearblue, lloyds pharmacy own, first reponse all great sticks to pee on!!!! (promise i'm not an addict)
  • i never got any bfp from First Response but did from clearblue digital and the clearblue with the line (think is also digital). Am now due in a week. And i tested every day for about a week until was definately sure! Good luck to all testing x
  • I've used Boots own and Superdrugs own, I think you find the cheaper the better although I heard the ones from the pound shop were rubbish.
    Good Luck tomorrow huni, let us know how you get on
    Anne-Marie xxx
  • Hi there.....

    I used Asdas own test ??3.96 for 2.
    I got a BFP day after AF due and bought 2 more to try a few days later as couldn't believe it and both BFP straight away.
    They are the only tests I have ever bought/used and have recommened them to my friends,
    Katie.x x
  • clear blue digi are good but very expencive
    i am a serial poas addict i used to buy mine in bulk from ebay bu thats no good when ya in a crisis and need one i n a hurry lol
    hope they arrive tomorrow hun
    sam xxx
  • hi all well if your late its worth getting decent one. if any girls cant resist testing through the month poundland ones are 3 for ??1 i found out i was pregnant with them a day or two befor i was due af and came up clearly bfp. they also sell the same ones on ebay.
  • Thanks girls! I was thinking of getting first response one cos they say can test up to 4 days before af due but dont think i will bother now. Probably go for clearblue or supermarket one. Crossing my fingers for ebay ones to arrive will be just my luck that i buy 20 and then get pg before they arrive - wont mind though.
  • Hi,

    I grew to hate First Response tests when I was trying with no 1. Used one this month and will never use one again. Despite what it says on the packet they are not that sensitive and loads of people I have spoken to have said how rubbish they are. Clearblue are good as are most home brands.

    Good luck with whichever one you use. Fingers crossed for you!
  • tested + on ebay ones(with my mc)Tesco were all streaky, asda r ok. My friend tested with poundland ones and they are quite sensitive. Never tested + with 1st response.Got my + 1st time round with reveal from co-op usually on special offer 3 for ??5.. Filo x
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