Breakthrough bleed or Implant?

Hi Ladies,

My fertility monitor told me I ovulated on either CD10 or 11 and on DPO05 i had a pink spot then brown spotting. Since then over the last week I have some grainy brown blood spotting and some v light brown cm. It comes and goes. Sometimes I have none at all then it comes back!

I have had on previous cycle brown spotting quite close to my period starting but cannot remember it lasting this long or starting so far in advance.

I would expect my period to start on CD24 or 25 which is either today or tomorrow so I guess it is not long to wait ....

However I am a bit concerned whether the spotting as I have described could be interfering with my luteal phase and the ability to implant successively? Have you experienced anything like this? Is this a problem you would got to the Doctors with?

Thank you


  • im no expert but it sounds like it could be implantation spotting. Gl hun xx
  • Last sunday, not sure what dpo cos no idea when ov and i rely on CB Digi Ov tests. So last sunday afternoon got some brown cm, but then goes. Tonite noticed little fresh blood and brown cm. my period is not due till 2 wks. Im wondering is this implantation or breakthru bleeding. My back is ache as if period is on its way. Sorry if no help, but tght could share experience. Hope urs is implantation bleeding. x
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