rub it in a bit....

well, my SIL who i fell out with last month (as i posted about) is about 5 months pg now and obviously went for her scan today, so me and my lovely hubby who have been ttc for a while as she and her bf know, both got a text saying ITS A BOY!!!!i understand how exciting of a time it all is but i thought that little text was a bit of a dig!im now sat at home unable to even think about texting back and have asked my oh to include me on his congrats hurts a bit more than i thought it would. anyways, sorry to moan xxx pma all the way! xxx


  • Sweetheart i can understand you being upset, anyone would be. That seems very insensitive of her.

    Hopefully it was just the excitement and they want to be friends again.

    lots of sticky babydust to you

    x x x
  • thanks hun, i think it will hurt for a bit. in a way im kinda glad they didnt say its a girl or i think id be a right mess now!!im due this week so lets hope!xx if not, im booking a holiday xx
  • I didn't see your other post but this to me just sounds like she's a bit excited? I'm sure you would be too if you were in the same situation.

    I'm sure she didn't mean any harm by it x
  • woohoo, then we can both be part of this lucky list!!!!

    x x x
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