To preseed or not to preseed...

Hi ladies,

Hope you're all well. I have a quick question regarding preseed for any of you that can help! I'm sure it's probably been talked about lots before but I just wondered if many of you recommend it? I don't actually have a problem with CM (sorry, TMI!) but I did read that it can help the sperm along it's way even for women that have enough of their own CM so I thought it might still be worth a go. I just ordered some online, and I'm due to OV in a few days so just wanted to check really if I should definitely try it when it any of you girls have any experience of it being good and helping achieve that BFP?

Thanks for reading :\) .x.


  • Hi - I have also ordered some in readiness for next month. I don't have an issue with lack of CM either but I've heard some good things about pre-seed and I'm wiling to try anything!
    Give it a go I say - it can't hurt can it!? Good luck!x
  • Hi Wisher,

    Yea, I'm sure you're right that it must be worth a try at least!! I'm so ready to get that bfp that I'll try anything : )

    Good luck to you too hun, let me know how it goes!!!.x.
  • Can I ask what CM is and what preseed is? Thank you from the knowledgeless x
  • Sure hun, CM is cervical mucus and preseed is a lubricant that is sperm friendly and apparently helps the sperm to reach it's goal a little easier!!! Have a read on their website for the more scientific answer : )

  • I can vouch for the pre-seed. First time we tried it was on month 5 of TTC and 9 months later I've got a gorgeous little boy!

    Good luck to those giving it try, hope you get great BFP very soon.

  • we're trying sasmar conceive plus this month which is similar i think- heard a few good things about it and there was an offer in boots a little while ago x
  • Hi G/C from baby. Me and OH tried for a baby for 6 months and on the 7th month I tried preseed and we got our BFP. I also had loads of CM so didn't really need it for that but everyone had raved about it.

    Who knows whether it was the preseed or not but if we try for another baby, I'll definitely be using again, hope you don't mind me G/C

    C xx
  • We got our BFP this month with preseed, I thought I needed it because I don't appear to get much ewcm at all. This was only our second month of trying though so who knows whether it was the preseed that did it or not! It was the first month using preseed.

    K x
  • Thanks for all your replies ladies!!!

    TetburyChick, BabyBlue and MrsKP - it's so great to hear success stories, thank you : ) TChick congrats on your lo - BabyBlue and MrsKP I hope your pregnancies go really well!

    Kaiti - I heard about Sasmar too and wasn't sure which to go for but I guess they are pretty similar - keep me updated on if it works for you!!!

    Thanks again girls, I'm very excited for it to arrive now so we can get started with it after hearing your successes!! .x.
  • I was having this same debate a couple of weeks ago! I posted on here to ask people's opinions on preseed versus zestica.

    Anyhoo, I had a slight mad moment and ordered preseed, zestica spray and then also bought sasmar conceive plus from boots (yes, I know, bonkers).

    Having sampled all three I would say the sasmar is my fave out of the three as it doesn't go as sticky as the preseed but is not as runny as the zestica. It is however very very cold!! (I'm not pregnant though so can't comment on it's effectiveness on that score)

  • Thanks Sara, good to hear a comparison!! Hopefully the pressed will do the job for me but if not I'll try the sasmar!! Hope it gets you your bfp soon too.x.
  • G/C to say I got pregnant using preseed, can't recommend it highly enough- we'd been trying for 10 months

    Good luck eveyone

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