Tested at 6pm but had to wait to tell oh when he got in from work before saying anything on here!

I'm a bit confused with my dates tho. According to fertility friend and my temps i ov'd on the 8th March and going on it's past analysis i have a 12 day lp - so today is 12dpo, I randomly did a tesco cheapie and it came up with a pink thick line straight away! no waiting at all!! so then in shock though would try my cbd and it came up with "pregnant 2-3 weeks"!!! - know they're not massively accurate but surely i can't be that far along....:\?

Anyway, i had a mad moment where i suddenly worried that the hcg was still in my system from my chem preg in feb but
a/ after 4 days of testing up to 14dpo i was still squinting at them and having to take them apart
b/ i had a full bleed for 4 days with lots of clots etc (starting 21st feb)
c/ have been using my cbfm and got lows, highs and peaks when expected - so no interference from any remaining hcg
d/ hcg would def be falling not giving me big fat pink lines!

how blo8dy exciting! image



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