I'm STILL hiding......

I am now 4 days late!! tested this morning - BFN!! Symptoms started again yesterday! Really low odd cramps and twinges (in mound area), really sore and erect nipples and white bumps on the end of them (sorry if TMI), bloated, and on/off nausea since 11pm last night!! Oh, and I am knackered and doing 'morning wee' nearly every hour! I am soooooo confused!! lol!!

I have decided that i will continue testing every 3/4 days if no AF, and if nothing in 2 weeks I am going to the docs to see what they say and explain what has been happening!! Only reason why, is that IF I am PG now and it is just not showing - I would be 6 weeks today, so by then it would 8 weeks!

What does everyone think? Is this sensible?

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  • yes immense thats very sensible, got my fingers crossed for you honey, the symptoms sound v positive, good luck xxxxx
  • Oooh good luck Immense! x
  • good luck hun - that sounds like a plan to me. i hope you get an answer soon!
    fingers crossed xxxxxx
  • *runs out of hiding*
    Thank you guys - sorry I took so long to reply - had to go and get weighed at WW!! Lost 2 1/2Ibs despite the fact I am bloated!! I am trying not to get too over the top at the moment!
    *runs back into hiding!*
  • congrats on ur weight loss and fingers crossed for your BFP!!! x
  • Fingers crossed immense it is sounding good xx
  • this is very exciting- i am pinning all my hopes on you immense!!! well done with the weigh in by the way! I have my first weigh in tomorrow on new diet- ahh!
  • Fingers still crossed here hun! xx
  • Fingers crossed for you and well done at weigh in. I lost 3lbs first week and was around 40pts over so I am going to be good this week!
    Stay in that cupboard-somethings obviously working!xxxx
  • Good luck immense
  • Im with you ladies - CD36 or a usually 30 day cycle and 2 BFN.
    Either want AF to show up and get on with trying again or get my BFP!
    Im losing hope rapidly.
    Fingers crossed for all of you.xxx
  • Good luck to all of you with weigh-ins!!

    marnb, Mrs Dickson - I hope you get a result. I am the same as you and just want to know one way or the other!

    I booked a docs appt today for 16th July as takes that long to get an appt!! Decided if I got my AF I can just cancel it, or if finally get BFP I can change it to a midwife appt! If nothing then at least I can explain everything to them including my concerns and might get some sense out of them!!

    Good luck to everyone xx
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