Anyone take a lot longer to conceive 2nd?

Hi - We've been TTC our 2nd baby for just over a year now and it's so frustrating as it only took 1 month with our first baby (who is 2and a half now). I was also pregnant before that but miscarried and that time only took 3 months. I've had blood tests which are fine but sperm tests are not currently available in our area. Has anyone else taken much longer to conceive 2nd baby than first?


  • hi hun, we conceived our first just off the pill but this time round weve been trying since may. xxxx

    you be better posting htis in ttc forum, more people will see it.xxxxxx
  • Hi yeah it took me all of 11 days of careful planning with our 1st but our 2nd took 6 months. I was getting quite stressed because everything we were doing just wasn't working, Until one night i decided to do a handstand after sex because i was getting so fed up of not being pregnant and guess what the following month no period i was finally pregnant. With no 3,4, and 5 it just happened no problems at all, so please try and give it ago if you can as hard and silly as it might sound and i hope you have your BFP sooner then you knowimage
  • yeah chick were the same our DS is 3 in june and we have been ttc nearly 21 months now

    i no i can get pregnant and have done my time haing major stresses over it so kind of having a chill year and hope it happens
  • yes me 2.......

    I got preg 1st month with my boy and am on month 17 heading for 18 :cry:

    gems xxx
  • im not ttc right at the min but will be soon, my first happend in month no1, i have pcos so worried that next time i wont be so lucky, wont kno untill i try tho xxx
  • Glad I found this! Been TTC baby no.2 for 3 months now, trying very hard!
    Didn't try hardly at all with dd.
    I thought it would be so easy and that it would happen 1st month so now I'm a bit gutted that I left it longer than I would have done if I'd thought it would take a while.
    I have pcos but it wasn't an issue before...maybe that's what up now though.
    Will def be trying the headstands!
  • Thanks for all your responses. Now what's weird is that I am 4 days late but 2 tests have been negative! Was due on Fri but Sat test was neg. Tried again Mon morn but still neg. Will wait until Fri to take another test or go doctors. What is wrong with me!
  • Hi same here. It was easy with our first, no opks, temping etc etc just dtd when we felt like it and thought we would see what happened 2nd time round was a very different story. it took us 5 months (which doesnt sound very long but its like a decade when ttc). The month it happened was the only month i hadnt had any symptoms so i was sure i was out.
  • I'm g/c from baby - number 1 is 11 months and am getting broody already. I was just wondering how many of you were on the pill before getting pregnant? I believe that there is a big fertility spike just after you stop taking the pill and I was wondering if that was what had made the difference? A doctor once told me that if don't get pregnant straight away, then it is perfectly normal for it to take up to 18 months or so - he said that is why the average is 9! I'm wondering partly because we got pregnant 2 months in, and I had come off the pill then too. I was wondering if should be prepared that it might take a lot longer this time (I'm now 36, so don't want to have to take ages 'cause I want to make sure it happens!!). Good luck all of you!
  • A friend of mine fell pregnant straight away with her first and then took three years to fall with the second. She eventually went for acupuncture and that is what sorted her out (6 months of treatments). She had post-natal depression after her first and a traumatic birth so maybe her body just wasn't ready for another baby. This unexplained secondary fertility really is perplexing.

    My story is that we were told that HB had VERY VERY low sperm count and that we would need to try IFV and then three days after getting this news, I discovered I was pregnant. If we had never had those tests done, we would have assumed that it would be as quick the second time around (only took 3 months) but at least now we know it probably won't happen again for us.
  • Yes us!

    DD1 was a surprise but had been off the pill for 5 months. This time round it took us nearly 2 years lots of tests, surgery and clomid to get that magical BFP- were blessed with twins thou!

    My doctor use to refer to us as having secondary infertiltity where u concieve within the average time or quickly the 1st time but have problems the second time round.

  • Just thought I'd update you all - got period todayimage So very sad. Great to hear from you all though.
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