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Who's going ss crazy this month?


I tend to symptom spot every month.

This month we've taken a laid back approach to ttc, not bd'd that much and I haven't done an opk this month. I usually get really sore boobs after ov and this month it's not happened so I'm thinking I bet I've not even ov'd! I'm due af tomorrow and I know it's going to come (lacking pma). I've not got any pmt apart from I'm emotional (I cried buckets at The Proposal when the eagle picks up the cute dog!) and I feel sick. I normally get the full works by now back ache, tummy ache, bloated etc. My body's annoying me now!

I just hate trying to spot a pg symptom each month. I can't help it, even if I try and be laid back as I'm taking the approach now that if I don't think about it constantly it will happen - however I always end up ss! Argh!

It's only as af approaches, the last few days I've been thinking about ss and now it's driving me crazy!
How's everyone else doing with their ss! Maybe we should have a 'against symptom spotting club'!

Wishing everyone loads of luck and babydust ***********


  • Me too!!
    8 dpo and last night was convinced was pg but this am bbt seems back to normal. Boobs were also hurting up until this am.Only my 2nd cycle since stopping the pill but am still ss like mad!

    Good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Yup!
    I'm going bonkers - the more I try not to think about it the more I do!
    Only 10dpo and already done 3 tests! lol
  • I'm only 4dpo, and i'm looking for the signs. I've felt sick the last 2 mornings and this morning i gagged when i walked past the fridge, it's not the contents but the gasses at the back of the fridge!! It was one of the things I could smell when I was pregnant and couldn't go near the fridge without chucking up!! It's probably all in my head, i'm trying not to get my hopes up!!
    Good luck to everyone, hope it's BFP's all round!!
  • I'm about 4 or 5 DPO i think and trying really hard not to SS - but as i said on another thread - my friend at work is also ttc and AF is t5 days late for her - so hard not to tlk about it!!
    Not feeling hopeful this month - not been feeling brill but getting over a bad cold so it prob just that really. Had alot of cm - could possibly have OVd late although i had all OV sytmptons over weekend and that was correct timing. Had some cramping - quite bad yesterday. I actually felt exactly the same as I do when I am on CD1 last night - exactly the same but without the actual AF.
    But prob in my head!!
    pma and babydust
  • Hi I didnt have any symptoms until last night/today at 4/5 DPO I have a sickly feeling that is with me all day long, a funny taste in my mouth, brownish discharge on my knickers (sorry tmi) and when I wipe there is creamy colour cm.

    I am trying not to get my hopes up and now I am thinking could this be late ov?? as I only done an opk on the date that the dramywebsite said I was due ov which was Sun 6th Dec and we bd on friday night, sun night and mon morning but I just keep feeling confused.

    Last night I had a strange pulling sensation in my lower stomach but I cant help but think my mind is playing tricks on me!!! Also today I have had mild twinges on my right side.

    Any advice welcome xx
  • If AF arrives then I'll be off to the doctors for a check up lol !
    My (.)(.)'s have bees so sore since ov (normally sore for one evening around ov), I'm alternating between dull aches/cramps/waves of nausea and everything tastes really bad! Oh and everything smells really strong - hubby thinks I'm going mad. And today I've had the occasional pulling sensation in my tummy.
    Really trying my hardest not to get my hopes up as AF is due on Sat and I've got my usually greasy spotty skin, wind and mood swings and the cramps are a sign she's on her way for me.

    Sparkling Diamond - I've not had any brpwn coloured discharge but that can be a sign of implantation. I have had a tiny amount of yellowish and the only time I've had that before was when I had thrush.
  • Thanks Mrs Fozz but am only 4-5 DPO I think unless I ov earlier or am pregnant from my previous cycle it is so messed up.

    Is it not too early for implantation? am driving myself bonkers and this is only our first month of trying! xx
  • SD I know the feeling - this is only our 1st month TTC too!
    From what I've read implantation is on average around 7-10dpo, but at the end of the day that's an average so it can occur before and after that.

  • Thanks hun, when you testing then? or whens your af due? x
  • When? lol
    Erm today, yesterday and even 2 days before that at 7dpo (even I was laughing at that one!)
    Af is due sat so I'm going to try and hold out until then - no more hpt's in the house so I can't even if I want to!
  • Oh good luck hun, hope you get your BFP

    Baby dust xx
  • argh, don't even know where to start, being having period pains since my 1st day of period which was 2 days ago! opk says I'm not ovulating, so why the pains. I'm also knackered all the time. Don't think I'm pregnant, only just started... won't it be great to have a test we can do after bd to know if the deed is done lol
  • Cheers SD - secretly hoping myself but trying not to get my hopes up at the same time!

    Hopefully we'll all have our BFP's soon xxx
  • I tested this evening at 4DPO am pretty new to this and have had sickly feeling again today but no pains etc in my tummy I got a BFN, do you think there is still hope for me??

    Stupidly my af is not due until the 21st but part of me cant wait till xmas!!! especially if it is going to be disappointing news.

    I know I need to be more patient and hold out but I really felt like I had alot of symptoms and I got carried away ;-(

    Now I feel stupid and hurt xx
  • Sparkling Diamond, you are definitely not out of the running yet, there is no way a pregnancy test could pick up a BFP at 4DPO. I would give it another week at least and then test again :\)
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