help with understanding cycles

Took my last pill on april 14th. I had my usual bleed on the wednesday 16th for 5days

I got my aunt flow on 14th may 28 days later. When does ovulation usually occur?

Does this mean my cycle was 28days or do you count it up until you stop bleeding?

This is all so confusing. I went on and that really confuses me further.

Please can anybody try to explain how this works?:?


  • Your cycle is the time from the start of your period to the start of the next. So it sounds like yours was 28 days. You would usually ovulate on or around day 14, so that would have been about 9 days after your period finished.
  • Well explained lulubellarama xx
  • Thank you for explaining that. Its so strange you spend all your time taking the pill not to get pregnant then you came off pill and try everything in your power to get pregnant. I have read that if you bed every 3 days that should be enough. is that right? or is it best to bed everyday around ovulation?
  • Sperm can live inside the body for up to 5 days, so in theory every 3 days should work, but bodies are strange things. I'd suggest just trying to enjoy yourself for a few months and not get too caught up in dates and how often you do it.
    Good luck
  • I advise BD every other day x
  • Thank you so much for all your replies. I do wanna just sit back and enjoy. I just want to get pregnant so much. So I thought if I knew when I ovulated it would give me a helping hand thank you Claire for those dates that is fantastic. I will look on that website for sure.

    How long have you all been trying to get preg? sending lots of baby dust to you all

    Im finding his website is a fantastic help

    Take care x
  • I'm just starting out, in month 1. I am very optimistic about how soon it will happen though, I've conceived twice before whilst taking the pill, so I think I'm pretty fertile. Might have a nasty suprise though, you never know.
  • I've been trying for almost a year now, although the first six months or so were really just be 'uncareful' if you know what I mean. I'm about to use ov sticks for the first time today to try and get my ov dates as nothing seems to be happening. I'm not too worried though because, by all accounts, you only have 36 hours from ov to get pregnant and even then there's only a one in four chance that the sperm will succeed. These things just take their time sometimes, I suppose.

    Good luck with trying and hope that you fall quicker!! Babydust.

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