Have you new bfps had any symptoms?

Not of course that I'm symptom spotting!!!!LOL


  • What are your symptoms hjanea?
  • lol i had what i belive to be an implantion bleeding 4 and 5 days after ov, sore nipples, really tired as in no engry to do anything, but then going to bed on a night i couldnt sleep, x
  • D4&5po I had slightly painful twinges in my left lower pelvic area for a lot of the time. I cried at someone getting a new conservatory on that Dominic Littlewood programe on friday(d7)-bloody ridiculous!!(when pg b4 I cried the whole way through the olympics-whether someone lost or won, whatever nationality/sport!!). Boobs feel like they drop heavily when I take off my bra-LOL!! Boobs hurt but like before af sometimes. I think I have more cm than usual for this time of cycle. I am tireder than usual but that may be because I'm having very vivid dreams, which I had when pg before. Problem is I didnt realise that something was up with lo til 18dpo when I got bfp as she was a onetime mistake!
    I do realise that I may be building up my hopes here but I am more optimistic this time. Anyway theres nothing I can do about it now. I will be dpo12 tomorrow but I am going to try and hold out until at least friday to test(I bet!!!).xxxxxx
  • I had a recent bfp, but only tested 1 day early, and all I had noticed before that day was darker green veins on my boobies, but soon as I hit the day af was due (even tho I had my bfp) the boobs became really sore round the side (nearer armpits). Now 6 days past bfp, still really sore and now have started feeling the odd twinge below.

    Best of luck, x

    Emma 5+2
  • i tested 4 days early and got a bfp.
    but i didnt have any symptoms. actually my first symptom was that my boobs were just normal..they werent swollen or anything like before af.
    and i was very bloated.
    good luck..
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