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My first 2 WW...

Hi all,

This is the first month my Husband and I have offically started trying (although have had a few accidents in the past few months which have resulted in BFN's ).

According to the calculators I OV around Fri/Sat. AF is due on 1st/2nd Nov (26/27 day cycles for me).

No symtoms yet and I know it's far too early. Although I am starting to think that maybe I am OV today as i have very slight cramp in one side!!!! and did not have any when I was supposed to be OV. Is it common to OV later than what the calculators say????

This is both our first time of TTC and are so excited about becoming parents. I just hope it happens soon!!! It is hard to to start thinking and planning things in your mind as to how things will have to change and so on.

Baby Dust for you all and I hope you all get BFP's soon and we can all join the July Forum!

Dreamer xxx


  • Hey - My first time too. Noticed noone answered your post so here I am. I figure I was most fertile that weekend too, so who knows. Am having all sorts of supposed symptomes but trying to just get through to next period without getting too excited. Who knows. Good luck image
  • Good luck to you both - this is my first month ttc!
    I had to wait along time for a/f and pill to come out of my system etc!
    I'm due on the 7th!!! Roll on next week - I've never wanted time to go so fast!!!!!
    Baby dust to you both!
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