Ladies with BFPs!

A huge congratulations to all of you who have got your BFP!

I was just wondering if you would share when you BD'd on your successful cycle! Just don't know what to do as I don't wnat to miss a chance but also don't want to wear hubby out! I know it's completely different for everyone but was just wondering if you would share?!?

Thank you xo :lol:


  • Hiya,

    I havent got a BFP (only in my first month of trying) but loads of people have recommended the 'sperm meets egg plan'. I googled it and we are gonna try it image

  • Hi,
    I'm 15+2 now and we used the "sperm meets egg plan" too!! It worked for us, along with ovulation sticks. Good luck with ttc xx
  • Used ov sticks and only be three times that fertile week. Oh and chilled out a bit more that month too x x x
  • Thanks girls! I've started SMEP this month...on CD13. You're supposed to BD the day you ovulate and the two days after that. I'm I right in thinking that when I get my smiley I probably won't actually ovulate until the day after or should I count that as day one? Hope that makes sense! xo
  • Hey Hun,

    On our successful month we BD on CD15 which was low on my CBFM and again on CD17 which was my first peak. It was Xmas and we didn't really see each other much due to work being manic so that was the only 2 times we BD'd between AF and BFP!! It was also our 17th month of TTC, and the month we did it the least!

    Good luck to you xx
  • What a good topic Rainbow29! Will be interesting to hear everyone's tips x
  • Hello

    I was ttc 20 months and the 1 month we didnt bd OPK etc we only had sex once and i got my BFP :lol:

    Hardly seems fair Other months we did SMEP we tried EVERYDAY :lol: and i get preg when we only have sex once hardly fair xxxx

    Good Luck xx
  • Our daughter was a wee surprise but when we decided to ttc last Sept we used the dates on this site and hit lucky first time. Unfortunately we lost the baby in Dec however we are hoping to ttc in next few weeks once get the all-clear and plan to use the site again as I have been tracking my cycles and comparing and they are totally spot on ov-wise.
  • I used opk's, we did the sperm meets egg plan (SMEP), I did my BBT (basal body temp), and we used pre-seed this month (which I can't recommend enough actually what a great idea!) and by some great feet of engineering we came a few seconds apart during one session, him then me - tmi I know!! image It was after that session that dh said that was the one - anyway he was right! image

    I have a 26 day cycle (typically) and so we bd'd every other day from day 10 then when I got a +opk we did it everyday for 3 days, then took the night off then did it once more the enxt day for luck (just like smep says!) Hey presto it worked!

    Sending lots of baby dust for you!
  • Thanks girls! We're going for SMEP this month! We BD CD10 and 12 and i just got smiley on my OPK this morning (CD14) so we'll be BDing all weekend!

    It seems to work differently for everyone, I just hope this is our month! I've also purchased some preseed so hopefully that'll help!

    Baby dust to all! xo
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