how hot is too hot?

hey, it might sound like a daft question but i have been reading that having hot baths can be very bad for baby bump-especially in the early stages and i was just wondering what is classed as a 'hot bath'? Im in my first month TTC and would hate to do anything to risk harming any little beans that may hopefully decide to grow, Im a fan of baths and like to lay and soak for is ttheir a 'right' temperature or is it back to showering for me??



  • I'm afraid I don't know the answer, but I have been lamenting the lack of hot baths!!!!! I LOVE hot baths, really hot baths, which you have to dangle your feet out of because it is too hot to keep all bits of you in.

    I've been keeping them tepid - and funnily I've not been staying in them very long as a result.

    Ally (6+0) x
  • I don't know the answer either but I just wanted to say that I love your picture Bailey. I love JBJ!
  • Sorry, just seen socks answer on her thread! I dont know bout the bath temp either, might do a bit of research though, watch this space....


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  • My pg book says about jacuzzis that if body temp rises above 38.9 C for more than 10 minutes in the first seven weeks of pg there is an increased chance of miscarriage. Maybe that is what they mean about ttc?? I'm not sure if it has any effect, but I gave hot baths up when ttc but it still took me 10 cycles to get pg!

    Good luck girlies, sending lots of babydust xxx
  • Hi,

    Any bath that you need to ease yourself into is too hot.

    F x
  • thanks ladies. ally_e that is exactly the kind of bath im talking about....filled with bubbles of course! I guess ill stay clear of those for a while and cut my baths short by just having 'normal' baths that i can climb into.

    glad you approve of my icon socks...massive BJ fan here!
  • i generally avoided baths after ov and showered instead and kept those cooler too. i used to love to soak in a hot tub too but hey it was anything to get that bfp. Fingers crossed and good luck.
    Filo x
  • Well, I have looked into it, and I cant find any specific temperature guidelines regarding this. I would have thought that as Frankie says, if you have to ease yourself in, then its too hot. I think I personally would air on the side of caution and just go for warm, just past tepid. Bit of a downer if you like your hot baths but better than nout!

  • thanks, i think ill go with the cooler baths..its probably a good thing...i spend far too long soaking in there-a good avoidence tactik from assessing work, cleaning and stuff
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