clearblue monitors are they any good?

Was wondering if any of you ladies have one? are they any good? are the worth the money? how do they work?
Caz x x


  • Hi Caz,

    I've recently bought a Clearblue fertility monitor, but can't say if its any good yet as I only start using it tommorrow (I'm well excited!), but have a look at the thread "Clearblue Monitor Clan" on here, the positive comments on there inspired me to go out and get mine. Yes, it is expensive, but I'm 31 soon so want to get my BFP as soon as poss so for me its worth the money if it helps me to conceive. :\)

    Good luck ttc, Caroline xxx
  • when do you start using it? is it 14 days after your 1st day of period? was wondering so i know when i need it for cos was going to order from internet so it may take a few days. found a site that has it for 69.99 new though so a good price really. thanks for your reply btw i will check out the thread
    Caz x x
  • Hi - I havent got one yet but i will be - They are getting really positive results from wherever i read up about them but as we are only just about to start ttc we wanted to try without anything like that for a few months x
    I think its day 1 of your cycle you start monitoring things - HTH x
  • Hi again,

    You need to have it by day 5 of your cycle (count the day your period starts as day 1) as you need to POAS for the 1st time on day 6. If you haven't got it by then it says you need to wait until next month to start using it. My af came yesterday afternoon, so I've set it this morning as day 1, can't wait to see it move from low to high fertility!

    Caroline xxx
  • Hi Caz, I have one, this is my 3rd month using it so can't really tell you if it's as good as some people say because I am still waiting for my BFP. The great tyhing about it is when your status changes from low fertility to high fert and then peak, you get to see a little egg when you are about to OV. I hope you get your BFP soon
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