How many pregnancy tests do you have?

I now have 11!

Can anyone beat me?


  • I feel inadequate... Only have 2 :lol: xx
  • 21! lol

    Got a pack of 20 cheapies off amazon when I ordered some opk's and a superdrug one left over from last month x
  • I have one, ready to test 22nd Jan if my AFdoesn't arrive! Zxx
  • Iv got 12 hehe. 10 onliune cheapies, 1 asda cheapie and a CBD.

    Will prob use them all this month haha!

  • wow, I need to buy more!!! I have 3 after using 1 this morning but have just bought 5 cheapies along with my ov tests so they should be here soon image xx
  • just the one cbd saving this for when im late as im never late .x
  • I'm not too bad then! I kinda fluked 11. I had a CBD, then got a free FR in a pack of OPK's, then got 5 freebies test strips with Zestica spray. Then cos they were on offer (so cheap!) I bought 4 from Superdrug today.
  • Hmmm I really do have a problem don't I?

  • I had about 10... until I got my BFP! I had a selection of Superdrug (quite a lot of these), CBD, FR and Boots... needless to say there are none left now!! I needed lots of convincing that I was still pregnant throughout the first week!

    I have since bought more too (and used them)!

    K x
  • I have 4 and hubby has hidden every single one as I apparently have a problem! lol! xxx
  • I only have one left now, used the other 3 last month. But when this arctic climate has passed and I can get out on the roads again, I will stock up on some Superdrug cheapies :\)
  • According to the count down to pregnancy website, the average number of pg tests a lady does in a ttc cycle is 1.1. If you are pg that number goes up to 3.1 (1 negative result, 2 positive).

    The most recorded number of tests done by the same lady is 28!!

    So I think we are fairly average!!
  • I have 3, one tescos cheapy, one fr and a clearblue digital that was given to me as a christmas stocking filler along with a ovulation kit from my mum! lol xx
  • i have 7! 6 internet cheapies and one cbd waiting for when i get a bfp on the others (note how i said "when" not "if" pma pma pma!)
  • I have 4, I also brought 4 when they were on offer from Superdrug but used one of those, and also have a CB (I think)

  • I just had to run upstairs and count...i have 12!!
  • i dont keep any in the house or i know id test every second day!
  • OK I'm gonna look like a bit of an obsessive with this, I have the following,

    4 x Amazon cheapies
    1 x First Response
    4 x Superdrug
    3 x Clearblue Digital

    so 12 in total!

    I just keep seeing them on offer and think, ooh I'll have a few of those!
  • 9! 8 Superdrug ones and 1 cbd! x x
  • Am down to 3!! had to re-stock after last month when I used *cough* around 15-20!!! all FR and CBD *hangs head in shame*.

    Went out to buy some cheapies x
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