when should I test?

Hi Ladies, just wanting yr expert opinions on when i should test. I usually have 28day cycles (or i did when on the pill) anyway first month after coming off pill had 28day and then this month i didnt even ov until cd28??? so im now 2dpo so when do u think i should test? I have no idea when af would be due. Should i just wait another 2week??? :\?



  • hello

    if your already 2dpo then i would wait 12days

    fingers crossed x
  • thats gonna be the longest 12days eva..lol xxx
  • my advice is not waste too much money on early tests, at least wait until 14 dpo as the result will more than likely be accurate.

    on cd1 of 1st month, so its been a whole since i had the 2 week wait, but just keep postive image
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