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Hi All

Hey Everyone,

Hope no-one remembers me!!!

Haven't been over for a while, just wondered how you are all doing?

I've read a few posts to catch up and there's a lot of names I don't recognise, which I'm assuming is a good sign.

So what have I missed?


P.S. Hope you don't mind me posting x

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  • hey hunny!!!
    hope your ok!! I am still here on month 13 cycle 8 but I ov this cycle on cd13 woo hoo!!! in the 2ww now!!!
    how are you?
  • Yeah I'm ok thanks hun. Lucky month 13 then for you hun??? Will you be poas soon or holding out?

  • I hope it is lucky number 13!!!! Gonna try and hold out till af due around 10th 11th I think!!! I have the 12th in my head so might hold out till then!!! what about you hun???
  • Good luck with the will power then hun! Not long to wait! It was lucky month 13 for me, so hopefully it's a good omen for you! I'm good, still seems a bit surreal!!! xx
  • hey chick hope your both doing well,im still here xx
  • How far gone are you now hun!!!
    Good evening Miss Grudie xx
  • Ah-ha Grudie - How are you? shame your still here (you know what I mean).

    I'm 16 weeks tomorrow, finding out the colour of bump on saturday! But enough about me.

    Hows Hjeana (sp? - sorry), is she still on here?

    Grudie - Are you still doing the Friday topic? I miss that!!!

  • hello Mrs Rache,in the way your children would say it :lol:

    wow 16 weeks already,started the dirty topic last friday again,went ok need more dirty mind next time tho lol

    hjanea pops on from time to time i think she goes into ltttc a bit more than here now
  • I'll have to set a reminder at work to take a look!!!! I'll just have to remember not to laugh so loud at work this time round!!!!
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