Viral Infection

Well Girls you know I have been ill I amm off sick from work today and went to the doctos he says I have a viral infection in my belly gasric something image It;s contagious so he said to stay home today and tomorrow.

K xx


  • hi am really soz to here u not well stay tucked up in bed and chat to be or watch good ole day time tv i love homes under the hammer and loose women!.
  • hi am really soz to here u not well stay tucked up in bed and chat to be or watch good ole day time tv i love homes under the hammer and loose women!.
  • oh sorry to hear ur unwell K-lou but im sure you will be fighting fit in no time and hey like BabyBlipWanted said u have the like of philip schofield to cheer you up!!!

    unfortunately for me im leaving the house in 40 mins to go to work!!! i wont finish till 9pm so give that some thought when ur snuggled up in bed!!!
  • Boo - but maybe that's why you didn't get your BFP this month? Your body knew it wasn't the right time.
    Look after yourself.

  • hey sorry you're not well but hey you can stay at home like me!! My cramps have started now I NEED CHOCOLATE xxx
  • Hope you feel better soon.
    Atleast your feeling crap while your having AF reather than when your ovulating!
  • Oh honey i'm so sorry you're not feeling well, get oh to give you lot's of tlc and get better soon x
  • *puts on mask*

    *offer flowers, chocolate and trashy magazines, and hugs obviously*

    Hope you feel better soon sweetie x x
  • oh poor k-lou image hope u feel better soon xxxxxx
  • hope you feel better soon. At least you have good timing. you could have been ill over ov!!!
  • Hope you feel better soon - sounds like gastroenteritis! I have had it before and it makes you feel rough as hell!! Sending you get well thoughts xx
  • K-lou, do you want to join me on my sick sofa as I have the same thing... I dragged myself into work to do a presentation this morning - BIG mistake and came straight home again.

    It's yucky isn't it :cry: ?!

    *hands K-lou other sofa blanket and shares TV remote*

  • Get well soon hun x
  • At least you know what it is now, not nice though. I had it a few years ago, and that's what started all my troubles off!

    It should be gone in a couple of days, just need to let it get out of your system. Best place for you, at home in front of daytime tv! Feel better soon! ((hug)) xx
  • Hi girls image

    Well I am still at home today still sick image I am not sure if I should take tomorrow off as well I don;t want work to get mad but I am still rough, that will be three days off.

    MrsJules74 - yes can I join you honey I am pleased I am not the only one, though having this has not made me think about babies once nor the fact I am bleeding so heavy on my second real AF.

    ~gypsy~ - Ahh thanks hun I love the flowers really cheered me up image now I am going to sit down and read me mags.

    K xx
  • Hey K, i'm so sorry you're not feeling any better but I really don't think you should worry about work, just concentrate on getting better honey.

    Loads of love


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