No +ve OPK, but temp rise??

Hi Ladies,

Wondered if you can help my confused brain!! image

I'm using cheap OPKs off ebay, I use them 2-3 times through the day and they definitely worked for me last month! Have not even a whisper of a line, whereas last month when I got my positive the line came up almost straight away!

So when I took my first temp yesterday morning, it was quite high so took it again straight afterwards and it went down to what I thought it should be for no OV and recorded the lower temp. Yesterday was very wet downstairs so recorded that as watery (didn't get any CM last month really so not sure) and was fully expecting to see a +ve OPK today which is the same day I got it last month CD30 image

We BD last night anyway and when I took my temp this morning it had shot up, took it twice and it showed the same temp so I have no idea what's going on!!!

Anyone a charting whizz that can offer any advice?!

Chart is here if you want to look at it

Thanks very much in advance xxx


  • Hi pet, it could be that your wee was just too dilute to show positive on an OPK.

    I've had a quick look on your chart and I would guess that if your temp is still high tomorrow then you definitely OV'd yesterday. You're probably best off carrying on with the naughty cuddles just in case though!

    Good luck and fingers crossed you're only 14 days away from a BFP! xx
  • thanks MrsRobertson! x
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