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AF's here...I think :-(

I think my period has started. It was odd orangey stuff like tinted Egg white CM not at all like the very clotty dark red stuff I usually have so I am confused :\( Probably just the very start of it and maybe I have nevr noticed it before because I haven't paid this much attention.

I feel very bloomin stupid for thinking I was pregnant and p*ssed off with my own body. For years (since I was11) I have had pure hell with PMT every month. It has caused all sorts of problems and suddenly it decides that this is the time to go away??? :\?

Pretty upset at the moment. Can't bear the thought of going through another month of ttc. Suppose I'l be okay by tommorow and ready to start again.

Thank you for listening to me whinge on over the past week or so xx


  • Hi, you're up late. I am still upset and bit angry. Not sure what at exactly...myself,the world? Who knows. It'll pass. Thank you for the hug I need it image

  • Hi Jules... never loose hope hun till your full AF arrives!!
    Hows the cm this morning... it might not be AF, especially with the symptoms you had.
    Take it easy and see what happens... and if the bitch does come, then just try and relax, and just enjoy the practicing next month, and it will happen soon
    caz xx
  • Hi Jules,

    I was so sure that this was the month for you after reading a few of your posts on here. Keep your chin up chick!

    Zoe xx
  • Hi Mrs, how is it now? Did af proper arrive? Could it be implantation? Hope the witch stays away! xxxxx
  • Hi *MrsJules*

    Sorry to hear AF may be on the way - I hope not. My AF arrived this morning, so definitely on to month 6 now. Just read your reply on the other thread and it sounds as if we're pretty much at the same stage. We got married at the end of April and started ttc in May. Cycles seem to be at the same time too so if you're not lucky this month at least you know there will be someone else going through the highs and lows at the same time as you next month!

    Not feeling too awful today - normally a complete monster on day 1. I've tried to keep quite busy this month so I've not thought about it all as much and we've arranged for friends to come over tonight so I now know I can have a glass of wine. It's my best friend's wedding next weekend too so means I can have a drink then too. Sounds silly but I've learnt to arrange stuff for the weekend that my day 1 is due and I find it really takes my mind off that horrid first day.

    Feeling a little pressure now though as HB is off overseas in Dec so only 3 more cycles before we'll have to have a 6 month break - yaaaahhh!!

    Fingers, toes and everything else crossed that AF stays away.

  • Thanks everyone. Feel slightly better after a long sleep. Still very down but know it'll go and I'll be ready to try again in next few days.
    It is my proper AF. It seems my body has finally decided to settle down and give me 'normal' periods. I have period pain and it's the usual red colour so pretty sure it's AF.
    We are almost exactly the same place on our ttc journey Daisy. I think the idea of sorting things out to do around when AF is due is a very good idea. I don't have anything to do today but going to have a mini pamper session later so that might help a little bit. I was so sure I was pregnant. Just shows how both your mind and body can play tricks on you.
    Maybe next month will be our month. Good luck to everyone. xxx
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