Clear Blue Moniter advise needed????

Hi, Ive come over from planning a baby hopeyou dont mind me popping in. I am planning on taking my last pill end of june and want to start ttc straight away (to hopefully catch the fertile months that people keep telling me about.)
Ive been looking on the internet and am thinking of purchasing a clearblue ovulation moniter, thing is can you use it straight after coming off the pill??? I dont want to purchase one now if you cant as they are quite expensive and if i am oneof the lucky ones and get a bfp soon after starting ttc (fingers crossed) then its alot of money wasted......
Any advise would be great.
Hope you all get that BFP v.v.soon xx


  • hello

    the first thing i would advise is to buy one off ebay, i got mine for ??40, wouldnt have paid the shop price also the sticks are cheaper online

    i didnt get mine straight away and it would have been a waste of time for me at first as i had very long cycles (60+days) after finishing the pill,

    i got it on month 10 and got my BFP so would defo reccomend but maybe not worth it straight away, its more for irregular cycles when your ovulation date moves from cycle to cycle,

    my adivse would be to try go with the flow first month and have lots of sex, the monitor although a god send for us can make it a bit mechanical

    good luck x
  • Hi hun, the monitor advises that you have at least 2 normal AF's before you start using it so it would be worth trying for a few months first xx
  • Hi

    I got mine from ebay too ??55 with 20 sticks. I've been trying for a year and wasn't 100% sure when I was ovulating and have had some irregular cycles. This is my first month with it - and I'm testing tomorrow!!

    So - I'd get one in a few months, and maybe after trying some OPK's first (I never got a positive with them though). As CBFM's are pricey - and hopefully you won't need one.

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