cost of a 2nd child

might sound like a really daft question, but do you reckon that you need to spend much on your 2nd child??

my OH isnt working due to long term illness (his epilepsy is out of control), but we try our best not to let it get to us. weve debated for quite some time as to whether we should have a 2nd child, but in the end, decided that we cannot put our live on hold coz of his fits.
this evening, someone said that you dont get the sure start maternity grant for your 2nd child, but id been banking on this money to get a double pram amongst other things. does anyone know if its true? is it already in effect or is it like the health in pregnancy grant that stops in jan?


  • G/C from BIM
    The only things we bought for our 2nd daughter was new bottles and a buggy board for dd1. So we spent about 80 quid in total! Thabkfully they are the same gender so dd2 is in dd1's old clothes. We had also bought a lot of neutral stuff the first time around so it wouldn't have been too bad if she were a boy!

  • hi i got the grant for my second child.
    i was working with my first so didnt get it, and in fact i dont think i even knew abou tit. with secnd, i was not working but husband was, and we got what i think it the full amount. we get higher tax creds.

    i do know its once you are 33-55 weeks? i might be wrong about that, i cant remember exactly.

    as for what you buy, it depends on the gap between your kids, i assume its a small gap if you need double pram. i would say second time round you have realised the things you thought you needed but didnt. I live in scotland. i dont know where you stay and things may be diff there. but just phone health visitor, advice works or citizens advice and im sure theyd tell you.

    i think if you want a baby, and know you can love them, that money isnt so important (obv you need essentials), xx
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