man i feel sick!

was on train today and felt a wave of nausea hit me ,it lasted about an hr and then went.
i wonder as i have been having cramping pain,could i be?!!!!

my boobs feel ok,not as sore as last time,so then i think maybe im not.
im ue to test monday so fingers crossed


  • good luck - it does sound hopeful........ lots of baby dust xx
  • felt alot better an hr later and woke up this morning and feel sicky again,i can do a first response test from today but im going to wait till monday when AF would of been due cos i still cant bare to do one yet just in case.
    i still think maybe im just sick,and my cramps do feel alot like AF coming.
  • Good luck mrskc,
    Sounds promising and hope it is a BFP.
  • As long as there is hope, anything is possible. Don't give up yet!
  • Good luck, it sounds like a definite possibility. Unfortunately my AF signs are almost exactly the same as my PG signs, so I won't know until I test.
  • I think it sounds good too. I felt sick for most of yesterday morning and wondered at first if it was nerves about first shift back at work after hols but it lasted too long for that. I feel a bit sick but hungry at the same time this morning.
    Everything crossed for both of us!Good luck!!xx
  • felt sick couple of days before i got a bfp at 8dpo so could be. My bbs were only sore for a few days and they only ache when take bra off now(sorry tmi)
    Filo x
  • filobabe,im a bit like you,my boobs are tender and i have like a warm burning feeling in them.but there not to bad.
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