And these people are allowed to have children?!?

It's just so unfair that people like this are having a baby! Poor child, I just hope that the registrar tells them to bugger off! image


  • it's actually quite sick! Hopefully the mother didn't for second think he would actually do it and will go back on the deal. Poor kid
  • Oh dear, what a name!! x
  • oh dear, although i'm sure its probably not gonna happen and its a wind up, and if its not then its lucky registrars have the right to refuse a name, i shld imagine they wld exercise this power for a 'name' like that...wld be like calling a baby Skeletor for goodness sake lol.
  • Thats just pathetic - i cant believe someone would actually do that to a child. If they do name it megatron then lets hope the registrat does refuse to name it that!!
  • skeletor hehehehe

    i would think the registrar would tell then to bog off!
  • I hope the residester office tell them to get lost too......

    xxxxxx This must be some kind of sick joke
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