Advice needed for daughter please

Hello, I have just joined this forum as I was hoping someone might be able to offer some advice.
Our daughter has a 11 year old son and a 2 year old son. In between these two boys she sadly suffered an ectopic pregnancy and 4 miscarriages! Since having the 2 year old she has also suffered an early miscarrige.
Last week whilst on holiday in Florida she found she was pregnant. She did several tests, all positive.
When she got back she went to the Early pregnancy unit (she had been told due to her previous ectopic she must have an early scan if she gets pregnant). The doctor said the sac was 5 weeks but the 'dot' (her words) was not the size that it should be and there were also 'clots'? in the sac. All very vague.
She had a pregnancy test done, positive, and bloods. Later that evening the hospital phoned to say her levels were those of 5 1/2 weeks? , that they had increased but they wanted to re-do them in 48 hours. She went back this morning and had more bloods. They said they wouldnt do a further vaginal scan as they didnt think it would show any different from two days ago.
She asked over and over on both visits if this pregnancy could be viable and they said no? they also said they needed to make sure it was not ectopic. They have seen the sac in the womb so it cant be ectopic? not unless there is another? This is all very confusing and she (and her husband) are so confused, as am I.
This evening they phoned to say the levels had stayed the same? not gone up, or down? They now want to see her again on Saturday? Anyone any ideas what on earth is going on?
Does it seem likely that she just has to wait for the miscarriage? could it be ectopic? why would her levels stay the same?
When I had my children we didnt have a test done until we had missed two periods! nowadays they can find out almost immediately! Sometimes I feel this isnt a good thing. I am sure us older women must have suffered many more miscarriages than we thought! its just that we didnt know we were pregnant and thought we were 'just late'.
Can anyone tell me, does it sound as though there is any hope for this pregnancy? Her test today is still positive? surely if the baby has died then the test would show negative? as it has done in the past.
The previous miscarriages the tests showed negative?
Any advice anyone could give would be so much appreciated as we are sll so worried and confused.


  • Hi
    I don't have any information but I didn't want to read and run!!
    Just want to wish you luck and hope everything will be ok x
  • Hi hun,

    So sorry your daughter has had to go through all of this!

    Firstly I don't think they can say accurately at 5 and a half weeks whether the size of the dot in the sac is ok or not because it literally is just a dot and very difficult to measure. However, given that her levels haven't risen, I don't think it sounds promising as in the early stages your hormones should be doubling every 2 days, I could be wrong though.

    I had a miscarriage 5 weeks ago at 6 weeks and you could barely see anything in the sac at my last scan at 5 and a half weeks but nobody seemed overly concerned by this and re-booked me for 10 days time (I miscarried in the meantime). My tests were still positive for a couple of weeks after the bleeding started though and I think this tends to be the norm.

    I'd say that given they've seen the pregnancy in the uterus there's not much chance of an ectopic but I think you're daughter needs to push for tests. She has had lots of miscarriages and an ectopic and there may be something causing this to happen despite the fact she had two healthy children.

    Even one miscarriage is a terrible thing to go through, very traumatic both physically and emotionally and if it's happening again clinicians should now be looking to eliminate the chances of this happening to her.

    She may find that the "trying to conceive after a miscarriage/ectopic' forum on this site helpful as all of the ladies over there have been through it and have some wonderful advice and support to offer. They certainly comforted me when I went through it.

    I hope everything works out ok for your daughter. Let us know how she gets on.

    Lots of love
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