6 DPO and not feeling positive

Hi all,

im currently 6 dpo and im not feeling optimistic, probably because im that impatient, i tested this morning and it was negative (which i knew it would be because its too early).

Im symptom spotting like mad and now im not sure what is real and what is in my head! (if that makes sense). Ive had some creamy CM since ovulation and i feel 'full' in my lower abdomen. Had some very mild twinges and 'pinches' but again not sure if this is normal for me and im just reading too much into it. Also very emotional, moody and can feel myself welling up at the silliest things. We've only been trying for 2 months which i know isnt long but im just so impatient, the wait is getting me down and i don't know how many months i can keep this up!

I know we are all in the same boat but just needed to 'vent' image x:\?


  • I feel the same today. Am symptom spotting like mad and af ient even due for a week. Im on month 2 also and fell by accident with my daughter so feel very impatient to be on month two this time. Which is daft I know!

    We need to try to stay positive, not to worry, ponder, symptom spot, test too early and stress!

    We will get our BFPs - try not to get too down! Do something this evening to cheer yourself up! x
  • hi so sorry you feeling that way so am i now 12 days po and have done tests last 2 days running both bfn. i feel like i symptom spot i have had stomach cramps and low back ache for a week so was so sure i must be pg. its onlt month 2 for me as well but hate the not knowing!
  • Thanks for your replys. So nice knowing that I'm not the only one feeling like this at the moment. Sounds silly but if i knew it was a BFN now then i'd accept it and look ahead to next month but i just hate this waiting and not knowing. Also, so many people i know are announcing that they are pregnant when they werent even trying and im so happy for them but just so bloody impatient! image

    I think i will test on Thursday which will then be 11 dpo. I am hoping i can keep sane till then.

    When are you both due to test? Lets hope we are lucky this month image x
  • bless ya its so hard i know i think about it day and nite, i have already tested so wont do anymore till next month if af dont arrive my period due end of next week so am wondering if i did test too early. i def had pain in back and shooting pains in boobs but maybe i got infection as i been like it for a week, good luck for next thur xxx
  • Hi ladies, that is so weird I'm 5dpo and have really been down the last couple of days. I'm on month 2 myself, well came off pill so had first period but had no idea when it was so this is my second cycle. Want a baby so much that it really gets me down some days that it might never happen or could take years. Now I know pma is the best thing but sometimes its hard to stay positive. Maybe its cos we know its the wait and no amount of bd will change that we just have to wait and see and hope
    Hopefully we will feel better tomorrow.
  • I'm only 3 DPO and feeling down as I have period pains 11 days before my period is due i'm on my third month of trying and thought it would happen straight away as i've been off the pill since JAN and my dughter took 2 months to concieve.
  • The waiting is definitely the worst part!!

    Allybongo - af is due next sat but in going to try not to test until 7 days later on the following sat if she hasn't arrived by then. I tend to get more disheartened with a BFN than af. Hope my will power lasts out! Gonna try not to think too much about it.

    Hope you're all feeling better tomo x x x
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm 8DPO today and I can't wait to test! I went on a hen day/night yesterday and I only had a few drinks 'just in case'. My boobies are huge but not sure if I'm just imagining it! Argghhhh if only we knew!
    Lots of luck to us all x

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