did another test this afternoon....

well AF due yesterday, did another test and BFN again, guess its not my month but congrats to all that have got there BFP!! any1 else AF late but getting BFN??


  • Me too! AF due yesterday, BFN last night and still no sign of AF.
  • hi my af was due last friday iv had 4 bfn so far and no af.x
  • its fustrating isnt it, it hard enough to deal with the BFN but then when AF wont just show her face it makes it more difficult xxx
  • tell me about it its so frustrating i just want af now so we can get back to it im not doing any more tests carnt bear seeing the bfn all the time if no af by next week gonna go to docs good luck with yours.xxx
  • hope all works out for you soon, do keep me updated xxx
  • I was 6 days late last month and got 2 BFNs. This month I am 5 days late and have had 2 BFNs again. I am so confused and just want AF to come now. xxx
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