Agnus Castus for re-starting and regulating AFs

Hi All,

After reading a few topics I have noticed that irregular AFs and stopped periods all together seem to be causing many of us lots of problems. I had the same problem until last month, My AF cycle had gone completely haywire I think one of my hormones got knocked out of sync or something so there was no way my body could get back on track and give me a proper cycle, I felt like my AF was due constantly it was horrendous, I am a full time athlete so training at high intensity can delay AF. I think for me it just went one stage farther and stopped them altogether.

In the end I tried a herbal supplement called Agnus Castus which had been recommended by a friend who took it after coming off the injection pill. She hadnt had an AF for 18 months and within 3 weeks came on. I went and bought it from Holland & Barrett and honestly I took it on the Monday three times as directed and voila I came on on Tuesday morning! It was like a miracle had happened it was fantastic to be back on track and know where I am in my cycle.

I just thought I should share this with you all incase some other people are suffering thinking there is no way to get control back over your cycle. It seems to be quite a well hidden bit of knowledge. I've no idea if it will work for anyone else but hopefully so. If you google it it does say that one of its uses is to restart stopped periods.

Although I read somewhere that if your TTC only take it up to Ov I'm not sure if this is true or why but I stopped taking it after 2 weeks just incase.

I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar experience

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