Just wanted to say hi and welcome!

I just wanted to say hi and welcome to all the newbies and anyone else that i havent spoken to before! :\) :\)
I havent been on here much lately as we seem to keep missing ov for one reason or another also after being here for over 2 yrs it feels like all hope of baby no 6 is fading fast so its hard coming here and reading the bfp posts! :cry: Dont get me wrong, im over the moon for everyone who gets their bfp but i just find it heartbreaking to think that i may not experience those emotions of seeing a bfp again! :cry: Anyway Im going to try and think positive so im looking forward to chatting with you all soon, good luck ladies and i hope you all get your bfps asap. :\) xxxx


  • I am not new :lol: But wanted to say '' hay debbie'' :lol:
    look's like you have some PMA back which will help
    Good Luck xx gem xx


  • Hiya!! I am new!! TTC baby number 2 - hoping this month is my month, but only into month one of ttc so I'm not getting my hopes up.
    Good luck - hope you get your BFP soon xx
  • Hi debbiemc!

    Thanks for the welcome, there seems to have been loads of us joining in the last couple of weeks! Hope you get your BFP soon too, I'm massively impressed that you're going for number 6 - I can't imagine how hectic your life is, must be amazing though : )

    Hope you manage to keep up the positive thinking, fingers crossed this is your month!.x.
  • Hi gembags, how long have you been ttc now? Are you close to ov yet?
    Im only on cd8 and dont usually ov till cd21 or later so ive still got a while to go!! Good luck hun, i hope you get your bfp this cycle. xxx
    Hi Sara, you never know this might be your month even if its only your 1st month of trying. Good luck, keeping everything crossed for you. xxx
    Hi trixie, yes there does seem to have been a lot of people joining lately, nearly all the people i joined with have moved to pregnancy, baby or lttc!! lol.
    LOL, my life isnt too hectic because my children are 24, 21, 13, 8 and 2 so not too much chaos involved! he,he.
    Are you ttc your 1st? I wish you loads of luck, hope it happens soon for you xxxx
  • Hi debbie, yep I'm ttc my first. I'm so excited about it all! I know it might take a while but the thought of getting that BFP anytime soon makes it very hard to concentrate on anything else : )

    Even with the age gaps in your kids I'm still impressed : ) It must be lovely having such a big family and I'm sure you'll add to it soon!!

    Hope it all goes well for you anyway, let's hope we all get great Christmas presents this year with BFPs!!.x.
  • Hay, I am on cd12 and i ov 18ish Its been 15 months ttc :cry:

    Hope you get lucky this month xxxxx


  • hi debbie thanx 4 the welcome it was my first month ttc but af came 2day image but its ok was only the first month. Wow five kids that must be great hope u get ur bfp soon! baby dust 2 everyone *sprinkles* x x
  • Hi Debbie,

    I'm on CD3 and this will be our first month TTC. I'd love a big family like you!
  • Hi trixie, i know what you mean about ttc being all you can think about, even though im ttc my 6th it still consumes my every thought!! lol.
    Im sure you will have your bfp by christmas so not long to wait now! Good luck hun. xxxx
    Hi gembags, god i didnt realise that youd been ttc for 15 mths!! I can certainly sympathise with you on that one! Its got to be our turn to graduate to pregnancy then, hasnt it?
    Not long before you ov, do you use cbfm?
    Ive used mine for about 4 cycles, i love it! lol.
    Im sending a letter to santa this year to ask for my bfp so ill add your name too!! He, He.
    Good luck gem xxxx
    Ooh nooo beee, im so sorry to hear that AF found you, what a complete cow!!!
    Im glad to hear that youve not let it get you down though cause i certainly believe that positive thinking helps you to get most things in life!!
    Good luck for your next cycle, theres still time for a christmas suprise! xxxx
    Hi mrs fozz, wow your 1st month ttc, how exciting!!
    Im sure youve got plenty of time to catch up with me!!! lol. Good luck, lets hope its 1st time lucky for you. xxxx
  • image :lol: I was chatting to OH this morning and he asked what i wanted and i said a bump :lol:

    I am starting to think my turn got missed image I dont have a cbfm I used OPK's last month for the first time and found i ov quiet late so i am keeping my fingers crossed.
    I'll keep them crossed for you to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • LOL. Im sure that santa will bring you exactly what youve asked for this year now that youve been able to pinpoint ov!
    I just hope that next year when your baby is born it doesnt have white hair and a beard!!! lol. lol. xxxxx
  • lol
    I have been good so hope so image

    Hope you get the prezzy you want as well xxxx
  • Im allways good so ill deffinately get what i want!!!!! LOL xxxx
  • hello debbie

    wondered if you had sneaked over to pregnancy as i hadnt seen you in a while, maybe this cycle hey!

  • Hi Becca, how are you hun?
    I havent given up hope completely but im trying not to let it take over my life now and unfortunately not spending so much time on here is part of that!!
    I do pop over to pregnancy to see if anyone that i remember has had their little bundle of joy, so ill be keeping my eye on you! lol.
    Dont worry when i get over to pregnancy everyone will know about it!! He, He. Take care of you and bump, not long to go now! xxxxx
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