Advice required from experienced testers!!

Hi All
I have been hanging arround here and LTTC for a while. My partner and I have been TTC for over a year but I feel that only in the last two months we have been properly trying as I have had a few problems that needed to be sorted first (over-active thyroid & PCOS)
Anyhow whilst waiting for our first fertility appointment to come through the doctor said just carry on trying as normal so we have been.

My cycles have always been regular and I have had blood tests to prove that I ovulate plus I use OPK's. So this month AF would be due today. But she came on Monday 5 days early. But I had cramps much worse than normal and the red blood flow only lasted for half a day and then went brown and today has changed to a slightly off colour CM (sorry TMI). I did a superdrug test on Wednesday BFN. All of this week I have been feeling dizzy and sick and now the CM thing has really confused me as is never normally happens.

Just wondered if anyone has experienced similar, if it wasn't for the red blood then I'd be getting excited but not sure what to think?????

Any advice would be greatly appriciated

NJH xx


  • hiya njh78, and welcome image umm would u say a flow, or spotting? was the red constant flow? maybe implantation bleed? do you no when you OVd? xxxx
  • Hi *me*
    I OVd around 24th March and we BD'd every other day that week. It was more than spotting but only a very short flow if that makes sense. Everything I've read suggests that an implantation bleed would be brown not red? Was thinking of trying one last test - which is most sensitive and if AF was originally due today is it too early to show up?
  • yep it does seem like implantation, i ahve heard it can be rd, pink or brown, so it def could be, i dont remember who it was but someone on here had a 1 and a half day period (what she thought) and then she got BFP a few days after? maybe test again on sun? give it a couple of days? any symptoms? xxxxxx
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