Agnus Castus

Morning Ladies !

I bought some of this the other day but i'm unsure if i'm taking the right amount. For the last few days I've been taking 1 in the morning and 1 at tea time, does this sound about right?



  • I wanted to check this for next cycle (hopefully I won't need it). The bottle says 2 tablets, twice daily (From memory), I initially thought 2 per day but it's misleading. Hopefully someone knows but think I'd be inclined to do what you do.
  • can I ask you ladies were you bought your AC from?? x
  • I take two, twice a day which was what the bottle said but it does change depending on the dosage ur taking but the dosage on the bottle should change as well.

    fiona- u can get AC from holland and barret or boots. EPO is also in the 75% off sale at the mo at holland and barret.
  • lilac - thanks, too late now but ill prob buy ac for next cycle. are you taking epo hun??xxxxxx
  • I bought some at the weekend to try this month along with the agnus castus- still hoping that that helps as on cd42 now longest cycle is 56 i think so hoping it might reduce slightly!! Hoping EPO will help as well with EWCM and skin!
  • Im now wondering if taking epo has made me wetter down there as I thought after af finishes you dry up but I have been very wet everyday since. Is it ok I only started taking it on cd7?
    good luck lilac do you have any hope for a bfp this month? xx
  • it doesn't dry up after af i think it just stays watery after u ov it goes dry before af due. But EPO will increase it. Taking it from cd7 is fine but u should take it from cd1 till ov then stop. if u don't know when this is i'd say stop at cd 15 or if u've got longer cycles add a few days.

    Thanks for the luck probably gonna need it, have no idea whats going on thought af would have been here by now but hasn't had some awful cramp pains this morning that really made me stop in my tracks but gone now so could have ov'd thought cervix felt high and open yesterday...............but what my body does is an absaloute mystery!!!!!
  • Lilac, you made me look an arse, LOL. I know it says 2 twice daily but that could add to 4, LOL.

    Fiona, I got mine from H&B but haven't started any yet as I was seeing how long my cycle was etc. As it went to 39 last month and is currently 35 and counting then I will start next month if af shows. I started EPO this month but didn't have enough and it's a low dose so I took 1000mg per day until what I guessed could be half my cycle. My mum bought me more over so may try 2500 mg per day next month (if need be) as I didn't have any change in my cm, as in, I still didn't have any!!
  • I take 3-4 a day up until ovulation. Am trying to lengthen rather than shorten my cycle. Am now a day late for my priod so either I am pregnant, the AC has done what it's supposed to or I'm having another quirky month.

    I got mine from Holland and Barrett online.
  • considering my cycles are normally over 31days long ill stop on cd15 to be on safe side. Think next month Im going to be spending a lot of money on EPO, ov sticks and AC!! and think i might stock up on pg tests i never have any in! xxxx
    I know lilac our bodies seem to do the absolute opposite to what they're telling us. This month Im consentrating on BD as much as possible so then whenever I ov i know we have given it our best shot. xxxxxxxx
  • Hi Girls,

    I got mine from a small health shop 90 tablets for ??7. Its says on the bottle take 1 - 2 tablets per days with food(1000mg)? I'm also trying to lengthen my cycle do you think I just double it? Also started taking 1 EPO tablet a day and was just planning on taking them all the time but r u suppose to also stop these at the mid way point ?

    Thanks in advance
  • oohh - if they are 1000mg I wouldn't take more than 3 if I were you. I take 500mg (2 tablets twice a day) .

    You should stop EPO and AC when you think you are about to ovulate image
  • hmmm I'm taking 2 at night (together with some prenatal vits, omega 3 and b6 - if anyone saw they'd think I had some sort of terrible illness to need all that - lol!!) I'd better check tonight if that's right.
  • my pot says take one a day and is 1000mg. should i stick to that or can i take another one?? xx
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