How do I 'date' my af?

Hello, quick question for you ladies. My af was due tomorrow but since last Thurs I have been getting a bit of blood every time I wipe (sorry tmi!) but not a full, normal af flow. The full flow seems to have started in the last hour or so. My question is this, do I date the start of af as Thurs or today? I'm confused but I really want to get it right so that I know where I am in my cycle!!

It's really hard coming straight off the pill and ttc as I find I am symptom spotting and half the time it is af symptoms that I just don't recognise as I guess it's kinda artificial while you are on the pill. And I've been on the same pill for the last 16 yrs till I stopped in Nov.

Any advice would be appreciated! :roll:

Cheers x


  • Hi hun, I would count CD1 from first day of full flow so I would count CD1 today unless you think the spotting was full AF? its probably just your body adjusting coming off the pill to so I would count it from today.

    Is this your first month?? x
  • Not sure hun x Maybe just do it from last Thurs but BD for longer every other day in case you ovulate later xx Sorry cant be of more help
  • Well, when I date my AF I like to take her out for a meal, and then dancing and perhaps a nice walk along the seafront at the end. Sadly, being my AF, normally I just sit at home crying and watching chickflicksimage

    Ooooooooh, that's not what you meant?

    Seriously, that's just spotting, so your period starts when the full flow comes in. Often spotting is also less fresh looking eg browner

    Now is a good time to think about tracking your cycle, perhaps using an website to make it easier. If you aren't plotting your BBT, now is a good time to start. Remember, you will see your temp drop when your period starts properly, and this will help you tell the difference between spotting and periods.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies!

    psml Adelicia re the dating scenario - guess I could have chose my wording a bit better!! lol

    Think I will have to start properly tracking my cycle otherwise I'm probably not going to have much of a clue where I am.

    Sparkling Diamond I came of the pill in Nov and af has appeared as expected since then. We more or less started ttc straight away. Just trying to get my head around it all to give ourselves the best chance we can.

    Baby dust to you guys

    J x
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