Still to early?

Ok so i know i said i wouldnt test untill sat but with the FR kit sitting in the cupboard i couldnt resist, however it was a BFN! My AF is due on sat but ive had lots of strange symptoms this month like hunger/sickness feeling, sore nipples, low cramps quite mild not all the time and lots of cm (sorry tmi). Could it still be too early to test and get a bfp?? Has anyone had symptoms tested early and got bfn but go on to have a BFP after there AF was due? xxx


  • Morning Clarkie! My AF should come on saturday but resist testing this morning, like you said it was sitting in the cupboard and i was having low cramps etc.. was a really BFN image xxx

    Fingers crossed we were too early!
  • Morning girls, Clarkie your post is exactly what I want to know! I just replied to another thread but I also got a BFN this morning just could not resist! I wish I had waited until I was late but I have been having lots of symptons. I am hoping we just tested too early, until the witch arrives we have hope!! x
  • Ladies I hope to be able to shed some light on this by tomorrow!
    Im on CD 44 and no BFP, but symptoms and no AF.
    Docs have taken a sample to the labs to test, so will update you when I know.

  • Good luck, hope you don't have to wait too long for a result x
  • Hiya
    I have had a few friends who got BFN when testing early but went on to have BFP after AF was due.
  • Thanks girls i am definalty waiting till sunday now, that way i cant get disheartened seeing 1 poxy pink line! or if af arrives on sat i wont have to spend anymore money on pregnancy tests (untill next month anyway)! Hopefully we are like the 40% or so who dont show early!
    Good luck girls xxx
  • Morning Ladies, Just had to tell someone as can only talk about this with DH and you guys! After getting a BFN yesterday my symptons seemed to be less. The only sympton I had was an anxious sicky feeling (which could of been down to the fact that I had to basically sack someone yesterday in a disciplinary which was awful, I was crying in the toilets afterwards!) This morning I got up had some toast feeling fine and sat down to put make up on, I leant forwad and bascially just urged and then managed to be sick in a nearby bin! It absolutely came from no where! I am feeling ok again now a little sicky and keep having hot flushes. I am feeling alot more positive today, fingers crossed no AF tomorrow. Tryng not to get hopes up but its so hard not to!
  • Sounds promising Hun! Will keep my fingers crossed for u!!!!
  • Im so hoping af doesnt come and we all have the same symptoms so fingers crossed its not just mean pmt! I might not test till sunday! But i doubt that will happen! x
  • Hey 2ZE, that sounds really positive, keep my fingers so tightly crossed for you!!!
    I have had 2 BFN this month but still keeping my fingers crossed (talk about wishful thinking)

  • Thanks guys, going to be an exciting nerve racking weekend for us xx
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