Cheap eBay 10miu tests

Good morning ladies.

Hope you're all ok.
Word of advice - do not buy the cheap eBay tests!! I bought loads and they are crap.

As you know I got a definate BFP on CB Digital on wednesday, as an 'experiment' (and to satisfy my poas addiction) I decided to test on the eBay ones twice a day. So thats 4 tests so far and guess what - all BFN. It was only this morning that a v.v.v faint line has shown up.

Please do not waste your money!

On a happy note I have the docs this morning to get the ball rolling! xx


  • Good luck with the doctors and thanks for the advise regarding the ebay cheapies. xx
  • I second this, they're good for POAS addiction but are not reliable! I opened one yesterday (I love POAS, me!) and it didn't have the little sachet in it to keep it dry and under the urine strip was pink!

    Good luck at the docs wildthing! xx
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