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first tpregnancy due in august :)

Hi Ladies,

New to the board :\)

im 18-19 my baby boy is due in august image
really excited for him to be here only 6weeks and 3days to go.

Sometimes it feels like im gunna give birth sooner then august.
my stomach feels really tight and uncomfy and is quiet low down then it was previously .

i think i had my mucus plug 2weeks ago but am not to sure as it was just alot of mucus with no blood.

Just wondered wether there were any young mums out there who are due in august also. ?
and wether they were experiencing the same tsort of things



  • hi hun,
    congrats on your pregnancy. This you may have posted this in wrong forum - we are all trying for a baby! You could post in pregnancy or due in august. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xx
  • there is a young mums forum on here too so I am sure you will find people your age.
    congrats tho and good luck with rest of your pregnancy
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