Does this mean anything.......


When I press my tummy it is tender and hard, could this mean anything?

Also last night when I turned over to get comfy in bed I got a pulling pain in stomach, this also happened the other morning when I woke up early with this same pain and it hurt more to turn. I can only describe it as a stitch or pulling pain.

Has anyone experienced this?

Fiona xXxXx :roll:


  • Hi Fiona, I had this last month and got really hopeful. Literally my tummy was hard to the touch. Plus it felt like it was really heavy and, like you said, almost like someone was pulling down on it.

    It could be anything but because of my experience I wouldn't want you to get too excited. I was so excited and then AF was late and thought I'd done it, only for the witch to show up 2 days late. Cow!!

    And looking at your ticker, mine starting at about 4 DPO so quite similar time. Sorry to put a downer on things and I really hope that it's something more special for you but I know that sometimes we need to hear the negatives as well as the positives to keep us grounded.

    Good luck



  • Sorry - double post

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  • thanks hun, its good to hear a realsitic view on it really because other wise i would get my hopes up. Im not excited about it its just wierd and want to know why Im getting these pains? But its probably nothing. did you see my reply to your babies and pets post? xxx
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