How many dpo ?

How many dpo am i if i got a peak on a clearblue monitor last sat and sunday ? Did i ov sat sun mon ? Just tested this morning bfn.


  • Its very early to test hun.If you counted it as mon(to be on the safeside) then tues counts as d1po, so thats only day 7 today. I know that some lucky people on here have had really early bfps but then if you test early and dont get your bfp then its really disheartening!
    From what I've read implantation usually takes place between 7and 10 dpo and then takes a while to start producing the hormone that the tests pick up. If you can I'd wait a good few days yet, but its so tempting to poas isn't it?
    I am hoping to hold out testing until the day af is due(some hope but I can try!!)
    Lots of luck, Helen.xx
  • Hope you manage it. I only have a short lunetal phase and am due on wednesday so thought i would have got a positive if it was going to happen. Oh well i do it every month and test too early. Good luck to you .
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