What to buy?

I am going to buy a bulk buy of tests from bay I have never bought anything from ebay before. so my questions are , are these really good?? Are they just the same as you get in the shops? What are the best ones to buy?


K xxx


  • The sticks i bought were clearblue and were ??20 for seven and after today i will only have 2 left - here's hoping its works for me this month !!
    K-lou someone posted on here a couple of weeks ago with a website to buy them from and i cant remember who it was - sorry.

    I'm only buying Clearblue because i know its reliable.
  • Are these actual PG tests or ov sticks you are talking about?

    K xxx
  • OV sticks - once you but the pack with digital part i think you can but refills for them slightly cheaper.

    As for PG test i think i will but CB too.
  • Oh right thanks hun I am thinking about just buying the preg tests for now a i have only just started so might buy the OV sticks later.

  • Hi K-Lou, I buy preg tests in bulk from babymad, they look really cheap but apprantly work! I also get my ov sticks from there and they deffo work! If you've never bought anything from ebay before then it'll take a fair few days to set everything up. If you get a paypal account then you have to wait about 5 days, the only way around that is to pay by cheque but can take just as long to clear!

    Hope that helps.
    Zoe xx

  • I'm not even thinking of PG tests at the minute - i'll stick for the OV sticks meantime! I'll obviously buy a PG test is AF is late next month.
  • Thanks girls lucky for me hubby has an account so that wont be too much of a problem I just know what i am like and I am bound to test early hee hee and I went through so many a month or so ago and it cost me so much money!!!

    I will try babymad image

  • oh really image were they from a certian place or can you just buy them anywhere on there, I can't get ebay up at work so can't look it up till tonight?

    K xxx
  • I got 10 stocks for ??1.66 incl p & p from fertility plan on ebay and they are supposed to be same as doctors use - don't know if they defintely work yet but can't see why not.

    If you just type 'Pregnancy tests' as a search, it will bring everything on ebay up for you. The you can look and compare items to make your best judgement
  • Fab thank you so much. I thought i would buy these and do the test i am sure a little early and if it is a BFP but faint I will use a CBD and that will make me feel better image

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