Hello ladies!!!

Evening All,

Hope you are well! Thought I would check in after receiving an email from Garfield (thank you so much for that by the way - I was actually overwhelmed that people had noticed I hadn't logged in for a while and was worried!)

Anyways I'm fine, OH has been unwell but went back to work last week which is good - haven't done any baby dancing while he's been poorly and now we think we may put it on hold a few months as I'm snowed under with uni work and were also looking at getting married later this year - i will keep you all informed!

How's everyone else doing xxxxx


  • Just glad you're ok hon! And good that oh is feeling better :\)

    Shame you have to put it on hold but totally understandable hon. Good for the getting married as well, yey! So happy for you image I love weddings almost as much as babies!!!

    Huuuuuuge hugs hon xxxxxxxx
  • Thanks Hun, it's not def yet, but we viewed a place yesterday, just availability isn't great and may have to go for a Sunday wedding which I'm fine about but OH is reluctant - Grrrrr xxxx
  • Tell him when he's marrying the woman he loves it shouldn't matter what day of the week it is....and besides which traffic will be better so no turning up late, and things will probably be cheaper than a saturday ( i got married on a friday and saved ??1000s!!) image
  • hello Kate, was wondering where u had got to, glad ur ok. can understudy y u want to put things on hold, at this rate i bet i will still be here when u come back xx
  • Hi BK, have missed you too honey!!

    Good news about your wedding, sad you wont be ttc but keep popping back on for the crack or email me!!

    Good luck with the wedding plans, hope it all works out for you

  • hiya, glad ur ok! we all wondered where you were lol. congrats on the wedding! hopefully you will be joining us again soon image xxxx
  • Yeah will def stick around, I wanna be here for all your BFP's!

    How is everyone by the way xxx
  • Hey BK!!!

    long time no hear!!
    so exciting re the wedding!! i'd love to do mine again!! only 5 weeks till our 1st anniversary!!!!

    do stay in touch be good to hear from you!!

  • hey there bk! That's great news about your wedding, how exciting!! Have fun making the plans.... When are you done uni?

    I haven't been on much either as it's been a tough month... Long story short
    - DD is cutting final molars - HALLELUJAH - so that means no sleeping for either of us = miserable for both of us ;
    -DH is gone as usual = no bding (as usual!);
    -i went for my annual at the docs and my BP is through the roof again but that explains why I've been feeling rotten, dizzy etc but I'm working on getting it down .... gotta feeling I'll get a prescription next week when I go back for a check up.... It sucks and apparently I've inherited it from both my grandmothers who were hypertensive in their 30's like me - I had pre-eclampsia when pregs so spoke to my doc about that too and I'll def. be high risk if I do get pregs due to bp & my age (36)... YAY, can hardly wait.. :roll:

    Wow, sorry for the verbal diarhea, I tried to make it short!!! I'm miserable so better get off of here in case "misery" is contagious image

    What sort of wedding plan do you have arranged already?

    Babydust to all....
  • Hi Kate - good to hear frm you! Glad your OH is getting better and the wedding plans are going well. Exciting stuff!

    I'm on my 2ww of month 3 TTC and crossing my fingers...

    Good luck with all your uni work and hope to see you back here with a BFP before too long! xxx
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