evaperation line on cheap test??

hi ladies, i need some advice please!

im 7dpo today so its still very early, but i tested with a cheap ebay test called one step pregnancy test first thing this morning. after about 4 mins a second line appeared, was extremely faint and greyish/pinkish, but then it seemed to fade. its been a few hours since i took the test now and now if still just visable but is grey. im assuming this is an evaporation line? the instructions says this test can be used from 7days after conception...iv used loads of preg test before when i was ttc my son, and never got evaporation lines, but i didnt use these cheap tests! i know evap lines a pretty common, has anyone used this brand and had the same thing?

ashy x


  • It sounds like an evap line hun as they tend to be grey but the only way to be certain is to leave it a couple of days and test again! I really hope its your bfp, good luck xxx
  • ooooh, i would think if its grey it might be an evap, they usually stay pink if its +

    not long to wait now, very naughty for testing early! :lol:
  • omg!...i brought some of these last week, check out my BFP?! thread....i done 5 all with them lines?!?!?!...check out piccy on thread, is it like that?...i dont no what to think either...anyone else??....xx hope its not evap line for u hunxx
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