Baby dust everywhere!!


I think there must be alot of baby dust floating around at the moment because everytime I have a look at the forum there is another BFP post!!!

Congratualtions to all those ladies who have got their BFP this week and please can you sprinkle some magic baby dust on the rest of us?!!


I think it's a good sign! PMA PMA PMA ....


  • **** sprinkles *****

  • Funnily enough, the thing I've noticed about this forum is that the BFP's always come in bursts! There'll be a burst of BFP's, and then nothing again for a while, very strange!

    It's really noticeable too, I've noticed it since joining here back in October!

    Hopefully this means there's a good few more of you to get your BFP's soon!

    Kat xx
  • Oh yes, we should have a mass exodus!!!
  • Hello!
    I really hope this current burst will last a bit longer as I am only CD6!
    HomeFairy we could start the next BFP burst!
  • I'll join that im only cd4! trying to figure out how im gonna use my opks and at what time in school nxt week withough raising suspicion
  • Hi Kaiti B
    Are you a teacher?
    I hate this waiting around for ovulation to start I just want to get on with it!
    If anyone asks just say lady issues, that will keep them away!
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