Every day Vs Every other day??:\?

So this is our first month TTC after MMC and I want to give it the best shot I can.

Will start the Bding after AF, do you reckon we should go for every day or every other day?

I think every other day is supposed to be best as optimises sperm quality but feel like we're missing out on chances to concieve if we miss days!!

If not too personal...What do you do?! xx


  • I would def recommend every other day for the reason you have said. Have you watched "The great sperm race"? It talks about this issue. Very good documentry xxx
  • I got my BFP yesterday on our fourth month - previously we had done as much as we could, this time was over other day from 10 to 18, as recommended by our GP, as you say, too much can ruin quality. And its worked for us! Good luck!
  • Like it!! Quality not quantity!!

    I will have a look at the great sperm race, its on you tube isn't it??

    Congratulations Loobylou!! thats great evidence in favour of every other day!

    Thanks for your replies girls, will go for every other day if I can hold DH back!! xx
  • We did it once (yes once) this month and I got my BFP on wednesday! Those little swimmers had been building up for a while but it goes to show that once really is enough!
    Good luck xx
  • My gp recommended every third day and trying to time the 3rd day with ov. I personally think this is too little and depends on being able to predict your ov day. I have been trying since november on the 'lets just do it when we feel like it basis' but the past few months we have been trying every other day with more around ov like the sperm meets egg plan suggests.
  • I've just watched the great sperm race on Youtube. It's amazing!! Didn't realise how difficult it is for the sperm to get to the egg!! x
  • Kelly I always felt so sorry for the little spermys :lol:

    Oh and I knew from the start which one would get to the finish line first ;\)
  • Lol - yeah I did as well. It must be really scary for them lol!!
    I kept thinking throughout the programme that it is nearly impossible to get pregnant and to think only a few make it to the fallopian tubes.
    Hahaha - I thought the old guy was going to get there first lol!! x
  • i just watched this too! Made me feel a lot better about not having gotten pregnant yet!
  • Wow!! Thats amazing!! I never knew it took 14 hours for sperm to meet egg. Was so interesting - thanks for reminding me of that, I never watched it last time it was posted.

    It is a miracle anyone ever gets preganant!!

    Will definitely be having some "gourmet! BDing this month! xx
  • The month we conceived our ds we bd 11 days in a row. By the end of it we were sick of the sight of each other (!) so this time we're trying to go for a few days before ovulation and the day afterwards too! x
  • GC from DIO - The month I got my BFP we BD everyother day so this is what I'd recommend! Good Luck!x
  • Hiya Amber,

    Ive been following SMEP, the 2-3 days BDing and i always thought that was enough.

    Fingers crossed for you as they always say you are more fertile after a mc.

    I need to watch this sperm race! so many people have mentioned it. :\)

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