need some advise please

evening ladies what would you do if 4 weeks ago yesterday you got your af but it was early then normal as it would allways arive on the friday evey 4 weeks but know im still not got no af would you waight till the week end or teast know . i just dont want that bfn staring up at me


  • I would wait til sun and then test- only cos i really hate bfns, i cope much better when af arrives. x
  • I agree with kaiti b, I'd wait till Sunday or even Monday cos knowing my luck af would show up as soon as I tested! At least after the weekend you know that you are defo late. Good luck hun, hope it is your BFP xxx
  • thanks gonna waight i think just this has never happend before always so regulare and then trying not to get my hopes up thaks
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