Ovulation Kits

I was thinking about buying a boots ovulation kit for next month and was wondering if anyone had used the clearblue ones that are about tweenty quid? do you get 1 in a pack or several?




  • Hello, I used these and found them really useful. The CB ones are ??22 and you get seven sticks so you can test over seven days xx
  • Hey,

    I used the CB digital ones (with the smily faces) you get seven in a pack which is much better as most give you five but I've often got my positive on day six or seven. i find them much easier to use than the other brands (ive tried boots own in the past) but i find it hard sometimes to tell the difference between the lines and end up having to read the instructions every day. with these you get a smiley face. Also you can use the CB in the morning whereas with some of the others you have to do it between 10am and 8pm which isn't very good if youwork full time.

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