Ready steady GO GO GO!!!!!! SMILEY has arrived!!!

Had a feeling OV was on its way as i had lots of CM today (never made much attention to it but as i was waiting and using OPK's i was looking out for some signs so i would know for the future!!!). USed the amazon cheapies and though it was positive just now so also used as CB one to double yet (been using cheap ones in the morning and evening but also CB ones in the evening- yes i went a bit over the top with POAS!!!).

I am happy i have been POAS in the morning and in the evening otherwise i would not have knows i was OV till tomorrow.

We are doing the SMEP this month so its all station go go for the next 3 days right???

I am so excited to see that :\) face!!! Not done the OPKs before. And i am ovulating later than i though on CD18 today lol you never know! I am just so happy that i am def ovulating (i just assumed i was for the last 7 months).

OMG what a long post just about the :\) but i am soooooooooooooooo EXCITED;\)

Poor hubby wont know whats going on.....



  • Glad you finally got your smiley, I love your topic name by the way. :\)

    Get busy BD'ing hehe

  • YAY!! It feels like you've been waiting for your smiley forever!

    Enjoy BDing ;P
  • Lol it did feel like forever!!! So do we only bed once a day for 3 days???x
  • We're only bding once a day. I think if you're doing it once a day for 3 days straight it should be enough to cover you.
    I also get sore very easily and it's tough even doing 2 nights in a row, I wouldn't be able to do it more than once a day.
  • Lol who am i kidding once a day for us it plenty too!

  • lol I want to say that once a day is too much image

    Looking forward to the 2ww so we can take a break!
  • MN88 lol it is hard going isnt this SMEP!!! x
  • It is! We just finished the 3 day in a row but I'm not sure if/when I ov so might go again tonight just to be sure.

    Next month (if no bfp) I'm using OPKs!! No doubt about that!
  • Yipeeeee for you image We've all ovulated around the same time so fingers crossed we'll be moving into due in december together too! x
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