could i still be in with a chance?** UPDATE** AGAIN!!

Hi girls. Well today is cd28 and no sign of af yet. Tested this morning and got a bfn. Just wondered if I'm still in with a chance this month or not? I'm not sure how long my cycles are as this is first month off the pill. All the af symptoms I was getting have completly gone so no idea what's happening!!

Well still no af and almost 1 week later. Decided to do another test in the morning. Hubby thinks it may be because the pill is still messing up my body. Trying to keep PMA tho x x

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Hi girls thanks for all your advice. I'm cd 39 today and af finally arrived! Time to start on month 2 of ttc!
Thanks again.

Babydust xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    u r deffinitly not out yet image

    When is AF due? Test when u r a day or 2 late.

    Dont lose hope ...
  • I always had regular cycles before the pill which is why I tested today but when I got a bfn thought af would show. I ll give it a few days and if I still have no af I ll test again. X x
  • dont wanna put a downer on things but when i came off the pill last nov my af was 2 weeks late then the one after that was 9 days late. Went back on it so wasnt on for my wedding and came off it again in march. My af is due weds but i know it will be late coz ive just come off the pill again. So good luck, you still could be but just warning u that it can sometimes take a while for the body to adjust xx
  • Thanks s.s. I dint think I ve done it this month as I don't feel like I did when I was pregnant with dd1. I concieved her while still on the pill so was hoping I'd be super fertile again but maybe not!! Xx
  • oh i see! Hope u didnt think iwas being mean, just that i did get my hopes up a bit, not due on til weds but i know that a. im prob not pregnant and b. ill be late so even more time wasting when we could be bd'ng and it means its gonna drag it out even longer!! xx
  • Not at all ss I really appreciate ur advice and honesty! Hope ur late for a different reason this month xx
  • hey sweetie, hope u get ur bfp this month, dont give up yet xx
  • hello cycle buddy lol i havent tested yet but i dont think its my month either as i have been getting period pains all day cry....we will see 2mor i guess if she shows?,otherwise i will test on monday. Good luck hun x
  • why hello miss holly!!! fancy seeing you on here lol! might not be period pains... lydiasmummy test again in few days! af hasnt shown yet so u neva no!!! x
  • Hun just wanted to send u hugs as I went throu thr same thing my first month off the pill, I had every possible PG symptom going and was convinced I was PG! Unfortuantly, ten bfn's and nearly 3 months later I got my first af! it was a horrid time as I really thought I was pg. X x x
  • Hello,If its any help im still in limbo too. No sign of af or a bfp! So annoying as if im not pregnant i just want af to arrive so we can start trying this month,im sure you feel the same too. xxx
  • Yeah I do Holly x x
  • Shy bean perhaps? Personally, I think I would go to my GP to talk about things and for advice. Maybe they could do a blood test to check hcg levels...

  • Sounds pretty normal to me and it could go either way. Last time we ttc I fell pregnant first month straight off the pill but I didn't get my BFP until about cd33 or later. I had a BFN on cd 28. This time round I came off the pill and had my first proper period on cd35. Of course the pill can muck up cycles but it's still very early for you so keep up that PMA and good luck for testing!
  • Think I may go see my gp. First af came 2 weeks after coming off the pill so now just wondering if I have really long cycles?! X
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