is there such a thing as overdoing it whilst ttc?

Hi there

After multiple mcs when dh and i finally got pg last year, i really took care of myself and didn't lift a finger, resting a lot. Now we have our little one and we're ttc again, i'm worried that all this playing on the floor with him and picking him up etc will do some harm. Am i being paranoid? I don't want to stop playing with my baby, but worried it may not help us with a sticky bean image

Any ideas?

thanks x


  • Personally I carried on as normal when I got my BFP, still exercised, etc. Honestly I wouldn't wrap yourself up in cotton wool, you can't stop playing with your baby xx
  • I think you just have to carry on as normal hun and try not to worry as worry and stress are what will not hel while ttc. Good luck xx

    Maz x
  • Thanks ladies. I know it was a silly question, sorry. I'm so chuffed with your replies, as that's what I wanted to hear. We feel so lucky to have our little one and don't want to spoil any of the precious time we have together by worrying about unecessary things.

    Wishing you all the best, and thanks again for your replies x
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