Ok so i'm turning to rude veg!

Hi ladies,

I really really want a quick BFP after my MC so i'm going to extreme measures and i'm turning to the rude veg again


  • OMG I want one!!!!!! :lol:
    how you feeling now hun? this post sounds positive!!
  • Hi hun,

    Get yourself a rude veg!!

    A while back there was a phase when the ladies who had rude veggie pics got their BFPs. That's why some people have them now. Not sure there that lucky anymore but hey... I'll give anything a go really!

    I'm not too bad thanks. Went for my last scan Friday and everything seemed to have passed. She did a pg test and it was still slightly positive but I seem to have all the symptoms of ovulation at the moment. Just my luck that OH is working away tonight :roll: hopefully we'll catch tomorrow though!

    How you doing hun?
  • Hi
    I'm doing ok thanks, my oh's sister announced she was pregnant last week it seems unfair because I was the first and only one pregnant and now everyone else is and not me, I sound like a spoilt child don't I? :\(
    Anyway I had a good cry got it my system for now so I am doing better this week.
    I have been using some cheap ovulating test strips that I got from ebay, never used them before so thought I would give it a go still haven't had 2 strong lines yet I am on cd14 so maybe bit early?? god knows I'm trying not to get obsessed with it now and thinking of our holiday in august.
    Glad your better now too it does take time and it is hard but I am so glad I found this site because it has really been a great support system.
    How are you finding it being back at work now? x
  • Oh that's what i'm scared about, someone else announcing their pregnant before me. It's not being spoilt it's just such a strong craving to be pregnant that it hurts when it's not you. It does feel unfair!

    I actually have started judging people's parenting in the street ie. The other day i saw someone smoking over their baby and i went off to OH saying how unfair that they should have a baby and not me and who decided to take mine away and leave theirs. It's such an irrational way to feel but i can't help it. I've had lots of irrational feelings though so i can't really help it.

    My OH's lazy git sister is due to drop anyday and it kills me. We saw her Sunday and all she did was moan and i just wanted to tell her to get a grip! So don't worry about your feelings hun, you're not alone in how you're feeling!

    I would think more people ov later than earlier than cd14, that's just an average, but at least now you'll know your personal cycle. Just keep BD'ing :lol:

    I joined this site in October when we were planning on a baby and it's been nothing but a god send! During ttc the first time, my short pregnancy and my miscarriage the ladies have been amazing and i think people under estimate the effect even online "friends" can have. it just helps so much to talk to people who understand the way you feel!

    Good luck babymaking hun!
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