I rekon I'm out this month :(

Hey Ladies,

Well I was having what I thought were symptoms.... But I've started getting AF pains, I know its not over till AF arrives but I just like I'm not..

Ah well onto cycle 13 image

Karina xx


  • I've got all the symptoms of af too. Not due till tues but I'm sure it's imminent. Been getting a wee drop when I Wipe, though none inbetween trips to loo, since Thurs which is unusual for me but everytime I go to loo I keep expecting the full flow. Sorry if this post contains tmi!! Oh well better luck for us next month!

    Feel like I'm wishing my life away as once one cycle has failed you just want next ov date to be here then next due time to be heare and the cycle goes on.....and on! lol
  • Hey Sun_Shine,

    I know the feeling! I was talking to my friend the other day (whom has 6 kids ) and she was saying thats its not fair that people like us deserve to have kids but are having trouble, brought a tear to my eye.

    Stay positive and i'm sure one day both of us will get our BFP!

    karina xx
  • Ah, Karina, I really hope it's not the nasty witch on her way.

    Keep that PMA, it's not over yet.



  • Hi hun, some people get af symptoms and then go on to get a BFP, good luck hun xx
  • Thanks Donna and Sparkling......

    I'm honestly not tolding my breathe.. have all my usual signs of AF now so yeah...

    ah well one day I guess

    Karina xx
  • I have a feeling it might be out as well. Feels like AF is on her way!

    On to the next month...
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