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  • thanks need some today been talking to oh on the phone today about af turning up and he ahs now said we might have to leave ttc till aug now cause he already has a daughter who has a march birthday and dont want another in the same month
  • Oh thanks I'll have some. Day 3 of 2ww and its going so slowly!xx
  • Oh becky?? what did you say to that??

    Hjanea your welcome here have some more. I hate the 2ww it felt like the longest 2 weeks of my life!!

    K xx
  • This is my fourth 2ww and its never gone so slowly!!!!
  • god to be honest I am worried about my next 2ww. i was awful on the last one checking cm and cervox and god knows what all the time, looking at my boobs feeling stuff. It was really horrid. I hae promised myself not to do this, this time round and just to get on with life in those 2ww and not check every sign! The thing is this will only be my second af after the pill if i come on so again i could end up getting different signs as my body is still not right yet xx
  • told him im not happy cause he was the 1 who wanted to start ttc now not at the end of the year he said he was hoping we would catch first time so were going to have a good chat later when he gets in from work at 7
  • Hi love did you have your chat last night?? i hope your still going to try for a little one.

    K xx
  • yeah - definately have a good chat. surely it doesn't matter if oh had a daughter who's birthday is in march - it the great scheme of things. If you want to try for a baby then go for it XX
  • hi k-lou we had a good long chat last nite told him how i was feeling about starting then stopping and explained that not every1 gets pg the first mth off the pill so were going to try again this month cause i went 4wks early with my daughter so i have more chance going early again if i get a bfn at the end of the month then ill have to wait till aug/sept
  • wow I would hate to have to wait I really hope that you get your BFP this month then honey how do you feel about that?? though i guess the way this year is going it will be Aug/Sept in no time!

    K xx
  • im really not happy about it but ill need him to get the bfp so if i dont happen this mth then ill have to wait till then but will be hell to live with till then cause i dont like having to wait its killed me waiting this long to start ttc wanted a small age gap
  • Chin up becky, it will only be one cycle to miss if you do have to wait, then August will be here with all that lovely warm weather and sunshine! A lovely month to conceive!

    It is hard to wait, I know. most of the advice says I should be waiting at least one cycle b4 ttc again. (But Im not! Sssshhh, dont tell anyone!)

    Anyway, I really hope you get your bfp this month hun, so you dont have to wait. xx

    (btw, just because you went early last time doesnt mean you definately will next. My first was 5 weeks early but the other 2 were 2 and 1 week before edd. So technically you could still try in July, for an April baby! good luck!x)
  • thanks babybump my friend went 5wks early with her first and 2 wks early with her second and thats the reason why oh wants to leave july out as his daughter is on the 27 march. sorry about your loss i think as long as your ready to try again your should cause im sure they say your mor furtile then hope your get your bfp soon and its a sticky 1
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